Thursday, October 2, 2008


Want to hear an amazing story?

So the other day I was keeping watch over the kingdom from the sunroom up there. All of a sudden we were being invaded. So I started barking ..............

I was trying to tell mama that there were "intruders" in our backyard! Luckily I barked enough that they just kept going. Its hard work protecting my flock!

What do you think about that??

Winter in Vermont

Aiko and Manny

The perfect combination - frisbee in the snow....

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE WINTER the best!!! Nothing better than a face full of snow.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Aiko loves swimming.....

Soooo Happy!

I love carrying leaves while I swim

I love carrying sticks while I swim

Nothing better than swimming on a summer's day in Stowe

Aiko's first year

Aiko and Kallie playing "Tug of War"

Beautiful Aiko at 6 months

Aiko at 14 weeks - look at those EARS!!!

Attempting to crate train Aiko by feeding him in his crate - unfortunately Matisse beat him.....

Aiko at 10 weeks learning to go up and down stairs.....

Recapping Aiko's first 5 1/2 years.......

Aiko is our first ISSR Shiloh Shepherd. We had learned of this magnificent breed from a local trainer where we had brought our puppy Kallie. She had this gorgeous, intelligent 12 week old puppy in Kallie's class, and we started with this information and searched online.

We contacted New Zion Shilohs - home of Tina Barber who is the founder of the Shiloh Shepherds. Februaury 2003 we brought home....... AIKO!!!!